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I bought the FeBland CD from Amazon, and really enjoyed listening over the weekend - some very diverse styles on there, and as you mentioned very reminiscent of Dust. Jessica sounds as smooth and lovely as ever, and it's unmistakeably your style across the arrangements and instrumentation...the unofficial 5th wearedust album ;-)

Stephen Thorpe UK

February 2012

Not what I was expecting from Jonathan, much more vocal, but a beautiful voice. A generally uplifting breath of fresh air that sits well within a shuffle playing, amongst others, Floyd, OCS, Queen, Beautiful South, Bowie...

Where Does She Go (review written by Elaine, an inexperienced ituner!)

October 2011

I have listened to "Where does she go?" twice now, and may I just say that it is indeed a labor of LOVE

by people with much talent.  I am in my 50's and have a wide taste in music from classics to rock and

it impressed me as clean, contemporary and many relate to common experiences of love, frustrations

and ordinary events in life.  It is extremely difficult to compose and I am impressed by the variety.

Some of the tunes are catchy, very "singable" and may have a good chance of commercial success.

May I say that the singer Ms. Knoll has an attractive voice somewhat similar to Karen Carpenter, but

fuller and rounder which makes it better.  This is more evident in the 11th track - "So Often" ... WOW!!

She fits even better the slower tempo pieces.  I wish that sooner rather

than later you will wake up with a flood of fan mails. CONGRATULATIONS on this effort !!!

Stephen Medel in Manila, (The Philippines)  

7th December, 2010

Lovely Jonathan!

Enjoying every track.  Breath of fresh air.  Thank you. XX.

Elaine Wasilewski (UK)


Only heard one track so far, listening to them all, but Rain Dreams is perfect for Chill fm. I'm sure they'll play it and their listeners are UK wide, it's brilliant. (later) I've listened to the samples and I think the album rocks! Seriously, have you listened to - I'm sure they would play this type of music! Some of these tracks are exactly what they're looking for. They list the artist and have a huge audience. Just getting excited for you as these songs are fab. (later still) It's brilliant Jon, I'll definitely send it on to my friends, I'm so proud of you. The album will be a sell out! x

Nikki Bass, artist (UK)


Hiya Mike ! I love the website for the new album ! I haven't listened to all yet...but love the sax additions. Congrats to all of you on the new release !

Donna (USA)


hi mike,

thanks for the update. Just listened to the samples on itunes. love jessica's voice. just listened to some more stuff on myspace. keep me posted about live gigs. thank you.

balz (Switzerland)


Hi J, Yes I am interested! Happy to play in all or some depending on what arrangements you make. By the way loved the CD - really great! Regards,

Harry Silverman (UK)


Dear Jonathan,

Many thanks! Rain Dreams is a really beautiful song, and the performance is wonderful. Let me know when your next release comes out.

Best wishes,

Paul White, pianist/composer (UK)


Hi Jonathan

I listened and read! They all sound very bouncy!

This has I can see, been a huge project...well done to you and all involved.

Good luck with the airplay...etc.

Love the website!

Just wondering if you have tackled swing or Musical Theatre genre yet?


Eddie Lane, (UK)



Wow! I just went to see your website. It's excellent J. I like the way it downloads. Did Mike build it?????

Nikki Bass, artist (UK)


Dear Jonathan

Actually, on reflection, my vote would have to go to 'Live Forever', not just because of its catchy tune but because it summarises my goal in life.

I think you've really found your niche; a sort of latter day Lenny Bernstein.

More power to your keyboard!

Peter Moss MBE (Hong Kong)