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Rain Dreams - comments

This track can still currently be heard in full at Beat Riggenbach’s myspace page


Just listened to this and thought it was excellent; really love the sax player, the singer has a lovely tone too, can't wait to hear the rest of the CD. xx (Anji Houdek, UK)

Wow I cant wait to hear the rest that is really great. I will be listening to it again. Let us know when we can get the whole CD that was really great. Hugs to you my friend you did a great job. (Sheryl Dominquez, USA)

Wow...Magnifique! My favorite bit is the little guitar interlude (riff?). Now I want to hear more... (Maria Rice, USA)

Hi Jonathan!

Wow sounds awesome!! I have to run for school but I will listen again when I get home. Noie xo (Noellia Goodwin - young pop singer, USA)


That was beautiful!! We loved it. I need to add Briggenbach to Noie's friend list so we can comment on his page too. Very beautiful piece. It will do well. (her mother, Peggy USA)

Great sax playing; - A winner ! (David Johnstone, Spain)

It's VERY GOOD jazz - lovely tone - I made Roy guess who had composed it (interrupted his football watching) and he said, possibly Johnny Dankworth! love x x x x (Geraldine Wallace, UK)

Really Great! Do you think Jon can persuade the singer to come and do a few gigs in London? Be nice to see them both up on stage together.

X-C (Corrie Wingate, UK)

Re: Rain Dreams WOW! Fantastic loved it! Mellow man, and very SAXY!!!

Did you write and arrange? (Eddie Lane, UK)

Hi Jonathan, I really enjoyed listening all the way through to "Rain Dreams". Is it for a possible soundtrack in a movie, perhaps? Really like that one! Excellent recording and players as well. Did you write all the music? Once again, I am impressed. (Julia Muench, pianist/composer, USA)