“Where does she go?” almost never happened. A series of amazing coincidences led to the start of this project.

Jonathan FeBland was visiting David Johnstone (Spain-based UK Cellist) to attend the Spanish premiere of one of his more Classical-based Compositions (in February 2008).

Jonathan and David had been students together at the Royal Academy of Music. David is also a bit of a composer himself and had apparently lost a music score dating from about 1980. He seemed to recall that he’d given the only copy of it to another student composer friend of theirs, Guy B.

David asked Jonathan if he could find Guy B. on the Internet. “No problem!” replied Jonathan. (It was actually a slight problem, but never mind!)

Facebook seemed the obvious site to start tracking people from the past down and on arriving at Guy’s page, Jonathan immediately noticed as one of his listed friends, Mike Turtle.

Seconds later, Jonathan had forgotten all about David’s lost manuscript and was catching up on old times with Mike via fb messages!

In less than a week, the two of them had hatched a plan to collaborate on a new pop project.

For years, people had been asking Jonathan why he didn’t write pop music. The usual answers were: “Well, you need a singer, a lyricist, a drummer, a band, a producer, guitarists…” etc. etc. etc. “and I am just a Composer bashing things out on a Piano”.

Mike Turtle seemed to have pretty much all of the missing ingredients that Jonathan had been looking for, for the best part of twenty years. Mike said that he had a brilliant singer - Jessica Knoll, musicians who could handle the instrumentals, Mike himself would play keyboard and drums. Mike would also co-write the lyrics and produce the entire album top to bottom.

Mike had worked with Jessica producing 5 albums under dust (later wearedust) so they really had all the experience necessary to undertake the project.

This was an opportunity too good to miss! A door had been opened and all Jonathan had to do now was write some pop songs!

Between March and October, 2008, Jonathan wrote 30 songs. Mike liked 17 of these and eventually 14 of them were used for the album Where does she go?

Jonathan wrote all of the music and produced it on Sibelius software in London and yet the album was produced in Switzerland without the Composer being present! This was partly for health reasons as having produced 30 songs, Jonathan was advised by health professionals to take three months completely off!

Intermediate versions of the songs were sent as mp3 files from computer to computer and double-checked for accuracy and interpretation. Mike was given pretty much a free hand in his productions and yet he was extremely faithful to the ideas conceived by Jonathan.

The final version of the album was cut towards the end of 2009 and the release was only held back for a few months due to problems thrashing out various minute details that only someone involved with releasing a CD to the public will be fully aware of!

On June 1st, 2010 the CD was released on iTunes.

Now you might still be wondering what happened to the music score composed by David Johnstone that had been given to Guy B. in 1980. Apparently, Guy saw it in about 2007 but had not since been able to lay his hands on it!